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Arcen Games new title Exodus Of The Machine is coming this year

Arcen Games next title, Exodus Of The Machine, is a strategic journey game set in the AI War: Fleet Command universe, the studios founder Christopher M. Park announced on his blog.

The game will involve players leading a team that is trapped on a hostile planet, with the goal to track down a threat which could obliterate humanity. Park wrote that Exodus will marry a framework "reminiscent" of Oregon Trail with Arcen's "love of all things strategic."

"Vicious predators, clashing armies, and political intrigue stand in your way," the blog stated. "None can stand before your modern weapons, but where do you use your limited ammunition?

"Do you resort to diplomacy, or native weapons? Will you fall to disease or run out of food stores?"

Park mentioned that the game's launch time frame is "coming soon," which he says is just a vague way of saying that it will be out sometime this year.

The studio's most recent title, Shattered Haven, a top-down environmental puzzle game, was released March 18. Its 2D sidescroller A Valley Without Wind launched on April 23, 2012, and its sequel A Valley Without Wind 2 is available now. All three titles were released on Steam and are also available from Arcen Games' online store.

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