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Gas Powered Games may be renamed Wargaming Seattle, working on a free-to-play MMO

After a canceled Kickstarter attempt and heavy layoffs, beleaguered developer Gas Powered Games was purchased by last month. Talking about the change at GDC 2013, Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor called it "magic."

"It's not a publisher acquiring a developer," Taylor said in an interview with Polygon. "It's a developer acquiring a developer [...] There was a 99 percent overlap in terms of company culture, genre choices, and leadership."

Taylor said his company has tentatively been renamed "Wargaming Seattle," adding, "That's not 100 percent sure, but it's not a bad thing to say."

Though the team is still very early into designing its first game under the Wargaming banner, Taylor confirmed that it will be a "free-to-play, triple-A MMO with PvP," in keeping with the model of other popular Wargaming titles such as World of Tanks. He said that Wildman, the game he had attempted to fund through Kickstarter, is no longer in development. Taylor expects to be ready to talk about the new project in a few months.

He also revealed that he's been able to rehire some of the employees that were laid off earlier this year. "We went down to less than ten people, but we're back up to 30 now, and that number continues to grow," Taylor said.

When asked if the new game from Gas Powered Games/Wargaming Seattle will include "World of" in its title, Taylor laughed. "I can't say, because I don't know."

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