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Dreamfall Chapters trailer details twin worlds Stark and Arcadia

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A full trailer for Dreamfall Chapters, Red Thread Games' Kickstarter sequel to the PC series, offers a look at the game's story, protagonist Zoe and twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia.

The trailer, which you can watch above, was posted by series creator Ragnar Tørnquist. Stark is the "world of the mundane, of logic and order." This world is bound by the physical laws of the universe. Arcadia, however, is "a world of magic, of mystery and chaos." The two worlds exist in parallel harmony, and "shifters" are able to cross into either world freely. Dreamers, like Zoe, can exist in both worlds by dreaming themselves into the other.

Dreamfall Chapters currently has six days left to reach its two million dollar stretch goal, which would enable Red Thread to make a second game, The Longest Journey Home. The project has raised more than 1.1 million already.

Dreamfall Chapters recently arrived on Steam Greenlight, offering fans the chance to vote on a Steam release. The game is currently slated for release in November 2014.

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