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SimCity's new Mayor is pantless Adam DeVine in a series of commercials

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EA is promoting Maxis' SimCity with a series of lighthearted television commercials featuring comedian Adam DeVine (Workaholics, Pitch Perfect).

DeVine portrays a buffoon of a Mayor with skewed morals in the three advertisements "Vanity Mayor," "Idiot Subbont" and "Let's All Be Mayor." Sometimes pantless, he describes the different ways in which he "plays" SimCity, for example making a "fancy pants" hippy retirement city that is powered by pollution or placing the water supply next to the sewage plant.

As highlighted in "Let's All Be Mayor," is a site where the SimCity community can vote on decisions that affect the fate of a new city everyday. Then the community gets to watch as the most popular votes play out on the city in real time.

SimCity launches March 5 on Windows PC and with the Mac OS X version coming this spring.

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