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Captain Kirk and the Gorn have a rematch in Star Trek: The Video Game

A new commercial trailer for the upcoming Star Trek: The Video Game shows Captain Kirk facing off with the lizardlike alien Gorn in-game — and out of it — in a rematch of one of the franchise's most iconic battle sequences.

Though the Captain Kirk in the upcoming game is rendered with the likeness of actor Chris Pine, who played him in the 2009 series reboot, it was William Shatner's Kirk who originally faced off with the Gorn in the 1967 Star Trek episode "Arena." The fight scene remains infamously iconic for its sluggish choreography, and the trailer features Shatner and an aged Gorn recreating their former brawl.

The Gorn enemies in the video game are much different from the stuntman-in-a-rubber-suit look of the original television Gorn, though one is shown emulating the bearhug attack from the "Arena" fist fight.

Star Trek: The Video Game comes out in late April for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.