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Blizzard marks StarCraft's 15th anniversary with achievement, portrait reward, wallpaper

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Blizzard Entertainment launched the original StarCraft 15 years ago this weekend, and the studio announced Friday that it is marking the milestone with a new achievement and special rewards for StarCraft 2 players.

StarCraft was released March 31, 1998, and from today through 2:59 a.m ET on April 18, 2013, StarCraft 2 players will be able to unlock a new Feat of Strength achievement to earn three portrait rewards featuring the original Protoss, Terran and Zerg StarCraft box art. In order to unlock the achievement and portraits, StarCraft 2 owners will have to play one online game in Arcade, Custom, Ranked, Unranked, Training or Versus A.I. mode.

Blizzard is also releasing a commemorative desktop wallpaper with the Protoss Zealot, Terran Marine and Zerg Hydralisk; you can see it above, and download the appropriate size for your desktop here. You can also check out the art for the portrait rewards below.