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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation's Zombie Bunker DLC released for PC, shooter coming to consoles May 31

Painkiller: Hell & Damnnation's third downloadable content pack, Zombie Bunker, was released on Friday, bringing undead content to The Farm 51's first-person shooter, according to a press release from publisher Nordic Games.

Nordic also confirmed that the FPS, which is available now on Windows PC, will come to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 31.

The $6.99 DLC, which is available on Steam, includes a new single-player map, The Bunker, a new multiplayer map, DM Fragenstein, and a new boss fight. The game's existing Stalingrad map has been updated to add airstrikes, Zeppelin firebombs and airborne zombie troops. Zombie Bunker also adds two new rocket launchers, Russian, American and German zombie soldiers and a melee weapon called the Morgenstern, which can also deploy sticky mines at a distance.

Check out the screenshots above to see the zombie-infused DLC, which is the third of The Farm 51's five planned expansions for the HD remake of People Can Fly's Painkiller. Painkiller: Hell & Damnnation's first expansion, Medieval Horror, was released Jan. 22. Its second DLC, The Clock Strikes Meat Night, was released Feb. 22.