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GDC Play 2013 announces 'Best in Play' winners

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This year's winners of the new Game Developers Conference award program "Best in Play" were announced following the three-day GDC Play 2013 event that allows new developers to showcase their titles.

The eight winners, decided upon by the organisers of the 2013 Game Developers Conference and Gamasutra editors, were chosen from over 70 exhibitors. They include mech-centric shooter Hawken by Meteor Entertainment, Spin the Bottle by KnapNok for Wii U, Impire by Cyanide Studio, Grooh by digiDingo ag, Monsters Invade: Oz by Little Box Apps, Krautscape by Team Krautscape, Mini Moto Racing EVO from The Binary Mill and Space Qube by Qubit Games.

All winners of Best in Play will receive two All Access Passes to next year's GDC conference, in addition to special kiosk designations throughout GDC 2013, where their titles will be playable.

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