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The Sims 3: University Life launch trailer showcases on-campus shenanigans

The latest trailer for EA's University Life expansion to The Sims 3 shows off just why many consider college the highlight of one's life, even the life of a Sim. Students at Sims University are blank slates free to reinvent themselves as they please to fit into whatever social group they wish. They can go to class, skip class to play beer pong at the local bar, or dumpster dive for food, and share all of that via their in-game smartphones.

University Life gives players the options to earn street cred with one of three groups— nerds, jocks and rebels — as they advance the collegiate career, or lack thereof, of their Sim character. An in-game social network allows Sims to share photos, videos and texts with their fellow classmates, and achieving good grades will give one's Sim a leg up over the competition by enabling advanced entry-level positions in careers post-graduation.

The Sims 3: University Life comes out tomorrow, March 5th, for Mac & Windows PCs.