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Rift producer leaves Trion Worlds for Zynga (update)

Rift producer goes to Zynga

Rift producer Hal Hanlin left Trion Worlds today and is heading to Zynga to be lead producer at the social game company, according to an update the developer posted to his Facebook page.

Hanlin, who has spent the past four and a half years at Trion Worlds working on the fantasy-themed massively-multiplayer online game, Rift, said in his announcement that the move is a "huge step" and, as of Monday, he will be lead producer at Zynga.

"This is a huge opportunity for me professionally, and I will be working closely with some good friends," he wrote. "Nothing but love for Trion, but with the maturation of Rift, there was no urgent demand for my specific skill set. Thanks and deep respect to the people I have shared this whitewater ride with. Now it's time for some new horizons."

We have reached out to Zynga for comment.

Update: Hanlin will be joining Zynga as lead producer on Solstice Arena, a multi-platform title in development in by the Zynga-acquired studio, A Bit Lucky.

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