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Phosphor Games will 'keep looking' for ways to complete Project Awakened if Kickstarter fails

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If Phosphor Games' Kickstarter Project Awakened doesn't reach its funding goal, the company will "keep looking" for ways to complete the project, director Chip Sineni told Joystiq.

The superhero simulation Kickstarter currently has less than 38 hours to go and just over half its $500,000 goal. Despite its dwindling time, Sineni remains optimistic about the game's fate.

"We are feeling stressed, but we still feel there is time for the community to help us make this happen," Sineni told Joystiq. "We got the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo out, we announced Austin Wintory joining as the composer and a lot of Kickstarters have last-minute surges."

Phosphor revealed the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo on Feb. 28, just before Wintory joined the equation on March 1. Wintory credited the game as having potential that "as a customizable player-driven game, and as a narrative experience, is very high."

Sineni admitted that if the Kickstarter fails, the game would probably "take a long time to complete," and that a 2014 beta was unlikely. But the team is prepared to continue working in their own time.

"We knew that Project Awakened is such an innovative, outside-of-the-box kind of idea, that this would be a challenging funding route to take," Sineni says. "If we don't make the $500K we have to keep making the game very slowly in our spare time, if nothing else comes up for funding elsewhere — we will keep looking."

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