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Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign adds new reward tiers with custom engraved fight sticks and art

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Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games has received such overwhelming support for its Indiegogo fundraising campaign to complete Skullgirls downloadable content that it is introducing additional reward tiers for its supporters.

The studio added a new Angel tier that costs $2,500, which grants backers everything from the limitless reward tiers as well as custom rewards that include a background non-playable character, a character palette of the player's choice, a custom piece of high-resolution digital art, an hour-long Skype conversation with a Lab Zero member and a voicemail from one of the Skullgirls voice actresses.

There's also a $5,000 Archangel tier that includes all of the above and a custom engraved FoeHammer dual-mod fighting stick designed by the Skullgirls team.

The highest tier, the $7,500 Divinity level, includes everything mentioned as well as a trip to Evo 2013. The trip will cover airfare, accommodation and dinner with the Skullgirls team.

Skullgirls has raised $297,985 of a $150,000 funding goal at the time of writing. Its Indiegogo campaign has 23 days to go.