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Blizzard addresses StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm strategy concerns

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In a recent post on, Blizzard addressed some strategy concerns from the community that frequently inspired debate during StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm's public beta, which ended March 1.

While Blizzard is happy with game's overall balance, the company wanted to let the community know why some of the controversial strategies will stay in the game.

For instance, a number of players thought the use Medivacs with Ignite Afterburners were too strong to defend against. Blizzard believes that learning to defend against new units and abilities is more difficult than learning to use them. As some players were beginning to grasp defense strategies against them, Blizzard will wait to see how the units perform post-release.

Another concern highlighted during the beta was that Protoss Air used with splash damage units against Zerg were too overpowering, particularly during no-rush 15-minute games. Blizzard points out that while players attempted the strategy often, the success ratio of the technique was too low to consider it overpowered.

"We will definitely be keeping a close eye on where this strategy ends up, but right now our stance on air Protoss is that it's really powerful, but we're not seeing signs of it being broken to the point that Zerg has no chance against it," game designer David Kim wrote in the update.

Blizzard stated it will continue to track community concerns, but it couldn't be hasty with changes, not until the game has a chance to stretch its legs in the full release.

"We feel that players still need time to really master HotS, and we need more high-level tournaments to take place in order to gauge these concerns as accurately as possible," Kim said.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm will be released March 12.

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