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Mech Warrior Online set to receive a bevy of new features this month

Mech Warrior Online will receive a bevy of new features, customizations and user controls in March, according to a blog update from creative director Bryan Erkman.

New content includes two new Mechs, JagerMech and The X-5; two new Mech patterns, Vagabond and Mountain Lion; and fuzzy cockpit dice.

In terms of user control updates, players will be able to customize key bindings during matches. New user control options include throttle decay (gas pedal vs set throttle), arm lock to torso, set point throttle with 10 percent increments, face torso and joystick analog turning.

Consumables will roll out on March 19 as an extension to the already implemented module system. The first batch of consumable module items announced includes Coolant Flush, Air Strikes and Artillery Strikes.

March will also see the release of Mech Warrior Online’s largest map "Tourmaline Desert" and a new offline game mode called Testing Grounds. The new offline mode will give players the chance to test strategies in a random map against eight non-interactive Mechs.