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Temple Run: Oz based on Disney's upcoming film now available for iOS and Android

Disney Mobile Games and Imangi Studios released Temple Run: Oz this morning, an endless runner for mobile that meshes Temple Run 2 with Disney's upcoming film Oz the Great and Powerful.

Players will dash through various environments in the Land of Oz detailed to resemble key areas featured in the movie, including the iconic Yellow Brick Road and Dark Forest. Players must keep an eye out for more than 100 Oz-like obstacles to dodge, including poisonous plantlife and crumbling bridges. Each region has 100 area-specific objectives to complete, and players can use power-ups like fireworks and magnets to rack up their coin count and keep a steady course.

An additional feature allows players to literally fly through environments in the Wizard of Oz's hot-hair balloon, moving among mountain peaks and clouds and collecting coins. Oz also includes the ability to save using special collectible gems, allowing players to pick up a run where they ended rather than having to start from the beginning.

Temple Run: Oz is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through the iTunes App Store, and through Google Play for Android for $0.99. Oz the Great and Powerful will hit theaters this Friday, March 8.

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