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CryEngine licensed to US Navy for shipbuilding and training simulation programs

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The United States Navy's Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division has licensed CryEngine software to develop shipbuilding and training simulation programs, simulation game studio RealTime Immersive announced today.

Crytek's engine will be used to build virtual models of various Littoral Combat Ship classes designed to operate close to shore. The engine will also be utilized in development of courseware to train and certify sailors in operating, maintenance and troubleshooting of the vessels.

The courseware, developed by Cubic Simulation Systems using CryEngine, will set trainees in a virtual, explorable representation of the ship where they can familiarize themselves with structures and master various skills. The program will include an estimated 10,000 hours of training time, to be developed over the next five years.

"The U.S. Navy's choice to use next generation virtual technologies for LCS courseware development shows their commitment to providing the most realistic, effective, and immersive training for the LCS fleet," said CEO of RealTime Immersive John Brooks in a press statement. "RealTime Immersive is proud to provide the CryENGINE solution as a core technology that will ready our troops for their future missions."

RealTime Immersive was established to support licensees of Crytek's CryENGINE technology for simulation development purposes. The company handles licensing of the engine, as well as provides development services, training and consultation to companies utilizing the program.

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