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Battlefield 3: End Game trailer shows war by land, air and dirt bike

The bombastic launch trailer for Battlefield 3's latest piece of DLC, End Game, features aerial dogfights and dirt bike chases, two of the focal points of the expansion.

The End Game DLC adds new modes, maps and vehicles to the already expanded multiplayer component of EA's shooter, all of which are previewed in the trailer above. The biggest addition is the dirt bike, a recon vehicle that can be maneuvered all over the map while a passenger shoots down foes in pursuit. The bike is especially useful in Capture the Flag, one of the long overdue modes that makes its debut in End Game.

End Game launches for Battlefield Premium members on PS3 today, and for 360 and PC Premium members March 12. Standard PS3 players can grab the DLC March 19, while 360 and PC players without memberships will have access March 26.