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Rhythm fighter Way of the Dogg stars Snoop Dogg, coming to PSN, XBLA, iOS, Android

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Snoop Dogg will appear in his own game, Way of the Dogg, a rhythm combat title from new studio Echo Peak that is set for release on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, iOS and Android this year, publisher 505 Games announced today.

Echo Peak, a studio built for collaborations with the music industry, was founded in February 2012 by director Ciaran Walsh and creative director Ste Curran, who previously worked on the block-dropping musical puzzle game Chime at Zoë Mode. The Brighton, U.K.-based team began discussions with Snoop Dogg two years ago about "an original game concept around his music and love of '70s kung fu and blaxploitation movies," said Walsh in a press release announcing Way of the Dogg.

The downloadable title tells the story of America Jones, a fighter who goes on a revenge quest for his slain girlfriend, Sierra, by visiting Snoop Dogg's temple to train with him and learn the Way of the Dogg. Each fight takes place to the rhythm of a Snoop Dogg song, with beat-matching combat.

"Way of the Dogg is the first true gamification of my music," said Snoop Dogg in the press release. "This game shows how we evolve as individuals and [Echo Peak has] incorporated the journey of my own personal reincarnation as Snoop Lion into my character, the environments and the path that players have to follow."

"Way of the Dogg is the first true gamification of my music"

No release window was announced, but according to the press release, Way of the Dogg will launch "alongside" Snoop Dogg's upcoming album, Reincarnated, and the documentary of the same name that focuses on the story of its recording and the rapper's transformation into the reggae musician Snoop Lion. The film will be released in select cities March 23, while the album will drop on April 23.

Snoop Dogg previously appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a non-playable character in his own arena, along with Snoop Lion tracksuits as costumes.

Check out two Way of the Dogg screenshots in the gallery below, and a behind-the-scenes video of some Snoop Dogg recording sessions above. Story details are available on the game's website.

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