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Microsoft 'can see a path' to Kinect integration with laptops, tablets

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Kinect integration with laptops or tablets isn't on Microsoft's plate at the moment, but it's not a far off idea either, The Verge reports.

During Microsoft's TechForum in Seattle, Wash., Craig Mundie, senior advisor to the CEO of Microsoft, said that laptop support is something that could happen eventually.

"It's not gonna happen tomorrow, but we can see a path towards that sort of thing," Mundie said.

Laptops and tablets present new challenges, however, especially since the Kinect's infrared is affected by daylight. For now, Microsoft's goal is to shrink the Kinect. Microsoft has already integrated the Kinect sensor into screens of different sizes at its envisioning center, The Verge reports.

"You want to be as cheap as possible and as physically small as possible," Mundie said. "My dream is to get a Kinect into the bezel of something like [a surface tablet]."

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