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Strike Suit Zero patch adding difficulty settings, checkpoint saves and cockpit view

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Strike Suit Zero developer Born Ready Games released the space combat title's third patch today, adding fan-requested content such as difficulty settings and a cockpit view, the studio announced today.

With the first major update since Strike Suit Zero's launch in January, Born Ready is responding to requests and criticism from fans and reviews about the game's difficulty curve. Three difficulty levels will now be available — Easy, Normal and Hardcore — and the studio has also leveled out some of the game's difficulty spikes. And Born Ready also added the ability to save at a checkpoint, exit the game and return to that point.

The other new elements in the patch are an in-cockpit camera for every ship in the game, and a tweaked targeting system that allows players to cycle through target priorities. The full patch notes are available here.

Born Ready is still planning to add Oculus Rift support in the future. Check out the video above to see community manager Jamin Smith and programmer Carles Fernandez explain the patch's changes.

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