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Origin customer service responds to SimCity server outage complaints

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Some SimCity players are unable to access the game's servers right now, according to tweets from anguished users, and developer EA Maxis as well as Origin staff said they're aware of and working to resolve the problems.

The Origin Twitter account told one customer, "No ETA right now but we're working on resolving this." For now, the SimCity Twitter account is suggesting to individual users that they try changing servers from within the launcher.

Any issues with Origin due to SimCity are affecting "a small percentage of users," EA said on Twitter. Origin users have been experiencing delays when attempting to download SimCity; the service's global community manager apologized earlier today for EA not allowing pre-order customers to install the game ahead of time. A separate issue for some users is that Origin is telling them the game is "not yet released" even when it should be available; Origin is also investigating that problem.

At the moment, a Twitter search for "SimCity servers" yields a long, ever-growing stream of tweets in which players complain that they bought the game at launch or pre-ordered, and can't play because the servers are inaccessible. While it does not appear that the SimCity servers are down entirely, players are saying they're unable to log on: Either the game says that the North American servers are busy, or shows a "checking for update" message. The game's launcher would inform users with a service alert if the servers were actually down, according to EA Help.

"We're making changes to prevent further issues, and are confident that Origin will be stable for international launches later this week," the Origin account added in a follow-up tweet.

SimCity launched today on Windows PC in North America. It will be available March 7 in Europe, Australia and Japan, on March 8 in the U.K. and this spring on Mac OS X. A full list of regional release dates is available here.

Update: The SimCity Twitter account is now advising anybody who's having trouble getting online to try changing the server.

"Some servers are seeing a lot of traffic. Good news: you can choose any of our servers to play on. If one is busy, hop on another to play," says Maxis.

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