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Germinator PS3 and Vita versions available today separately or in discounted bundle

Players purchasing Creat Studios' puzzle title Germinator, available today for PlayStation 3 and Vita, can buy each version separately or together in a bundle at a discounted price, Creat vice president of publishing Scott Hyman announced on the PlayStation Blog.

The title, announced for release on both Sony's platforms earlier this month, is available for purchase through the North American PlayStation Store. The PS3 and Vita versions can be bought individually for $9.99 each or together for $14.99. Germinator also features Cross Save, allowing players to save progress on one platform and pick up where they left off on the other.

In Germinator, players are tasked with containing a plague outbreak in a suburban area. To do so, they must destroy ever-growing similarly-colored germs. The main campaign features 75 levels to progress through, and there are 75 additional Puzzle mode levels, an Arcade level with unlimited play and a local two-player multiplayer mode. The Vita version utilizes the handheld's touchscreen controls as well.

Creat Studios, developer of other PlayStation Network puzzle titles Cuboid and Magic Orbz, announced "bubble" game Germinator for PS3 last October.

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