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Playnomics partners with Unity to help indie developers

Games-focused data science company Playnomics has partnered with the Unity Technologies Asset Store to provide indie developers with better tools to engage audiences and monetize their games, Playnomics announced today.

Beginning today, developers using the Unity engine can access PlayRm, a data-driven online and mobile games platform that analyzes and helps manage player retention. PlayRM will provide developers with data on player behavior and engagement through predictive datamining and from there assist in developing monetization plans.

According to Playnomics, dividing a game's audience into segments will help developers target lapsed and dedicated players and communicate with them accordingly. The company's goal with PlayRM is to help indies retain and understand their audiences.

"Playnomics is doing the same thing for game marketing that Unity has done for game development — making it vastly improved for developers," said Playnomics CEO Chethan Ramachandran. "We know that any company can be the next Zynga, with the right tools, and working with one of the industry's leading platforms will help us make that vision a reality for more independent video game developers."

"We take preferred partnerships seriously, and by appointing Playnomics as a pre-approved analytics vendor, we're telling game developers — and the world — how much we believe in their platform," added Unity CEO David Helgason. "PlayRM and the PlayScience Engine are powerful tools that measurably increase player retention and, ultimately, revenue. That's good for all parties involved — players, developers, Unity and Playnomics."

Interested developers can find more information on Playnomics' PlayScience Engine and Unity partnership at the company's website.

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