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Weirdly named Conception RPG will get a sequel in Japan

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Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child, the 2012 release featuring one of the most mind-boggling game titles of all Japanese role-playing games, is getting a new portable sequel, according to this week's issue of Famitsu magazine.

Conception 2 takes place in a fantasy world, within a fortress-city situated on a faraway island. The hero, infused with special ethereal powers, must create "star children" with seven of the heroines, all military students stationed within the city. These progeny can then be raised by the player as he sees fit (RPG stats-wise, that is); you then bring them into the game's dungeons in order to stamp out evil and so forth.

Spike Chunsoft, the publisher of this 3DS and PS Vita title, promises Conception 2 will feature twice the story volume and 10 times the character cast as the previous game. The core gameplay is similar to the original (battles are position-based as before) but there will also be some new, undisclosed strategy elements to the fighting.

"The world's been fully updated, and the sheer volume behind the scenario far outclasses the previous game," commented producer Yuichiro Saito. "With the new dungeons and strategy system, it's also made major advances as a full-on RPG. I hope you look forward to it!"

The game is due out this summer in Japan.

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