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Dreamfall Chapters could come to Wii U, PS4 and upcoming next-gen platforms

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Dreamfall Chapters could come to Ouya and Wii U consoles as well as next-gen platforms PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's next, yet-to-be-announced Xbox console, developer Red Thread Games announced.

According to the title's Kickstarter campaign page, the studio will consider porting Chapters to these new platforms "going forward," but currently is only focusing its sights on a PC, Mac and Linux release and if the campaign reaches $1.75 million mobile platforms.

The mobile version will not launch simultaneously with PC, Mac and Linux versions, however. While the PC version is scheduled to hit November 2014, this possible mobile version will release between May and November 2015, if it reaches this funding tier.

Dreamfall Chapters has received $1,221,404 pledges as of press time, with an original funding goal of $850,000. It has three days left to go. Its Kickstarter campaign can be viewed here.

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