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EA Digital head left to pursue entrepreneurship, left strong team to unify marketing, says EA CFO

Kristian Segerstrale's departure from Electronic Arts' Digital sector may be due to a desire to return to entrepreneurship, according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen.

Speaking today at the Wedbush Technology Conference in New York City, Jorgensen said that Segerstrale, who is "deep in his heart an entrepreneur," left behind a strong team that will set the stage for EA's future endeavors in unifying its marketing sector.

"He's a fantastic guy, really wonderful guy," Jorgensen said. "But he is deep in his heart an entrepreneur, and I think he wants to return to his entrepreneurial roots.

"He built a very strong team, which plays into where we want to go with marketing," he added. "That's integrating all aspects of marketing into one organization, and integrating everything under the digital sales and marking organizations under [COO Peter] Moore."

Prior to Segerstrale's departure, EA's digital marketing and general marketing were handled in separate sectors. Moore, who will assume Segerstrale's duties, will now manage all global revenue for both digital and packaged goods for the company.