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Guild Wars 2 teases third part of Flame and Frost storyline for March 26

The next installment in the Guild Wars 2 four-part Flame and Frost storyline, The Razing, is set to begin on March 26, ArenaNet announced.

The Razing will introduce players to new characters Braham and Rox, who are struggling to protect their homeland. Players will join the pair in battle against those would seek to destroy their home, following their philosophy of doing the right thing without calculating the risk.

A new group called the Molten Alliance, which includes the dangerous Flame Legion and members of the mole-like dredge race, has cropped up in the Shiverpeaks region. The group is strong enough to mow down any who would oppose them, and as they close in on their targets, razing the grounds settlement by settlement, players will join the resistance and meet them on the battlefield.

The Razing is the third part in an epic storyline unfolding across Guild Wars 2 this winter. The previous part, The Gathering Storm, added a new PvP map, guild missions and bounties. Details on the contents of The Razing are forthcoming.

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