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Ride a mechanical bull in Minecraft

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If you're not coordinated enough to stay on a mechanical bull in a bar, you can now try doing it in Minecraft, courtesy of Minecraft tinkerer SethBling.

The in-game mechanical bull functions as you'd expect: You hop on, press a button to start its gyrations and attempt to prevent yourself from being thrown off. The "bull" itself consists of a cow with a boat on its back.

"The boat is riding the cow, but the cow is also riding ... villagers, actually," says SethBling. As the video illustrates, it took no small amount of work for SethBling to build the bucking bronco.

The bull sits in a pen atop a column of invisible villagers with the foundation of a slime. Pressing the button causes Spawner minecarts to begin spawning cows in the arena containing the slime. As more cows fill the space, the slime gets pushed around more and more, which accounts for the "bucking" action of the mechanical bull. Iron Golems keep the slime from getting stuck in a corner or along a wall of the arena.

Even so, SethBling managed to stay on for approximately 25 seconds in one session. Give it a shot yourself by downloading the bull here (you'll also need Minecraft snapshot 13w09a).