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World of Tanks update 8.4 coming to North America, Southeast Asia March 7

World of Tanks' 8.4 update, which introduces new vehicles and maps, will release in North America and Southeast Asia tomorrow, March 7, Wargaming announced.

The screenshots above showcase some of the previously announced 10 tank destroyers from Great Britain and three new light German tanks. Wargaming also released a new trailer, which you can watch below, to give players a look at the game's four new locations: Fisherman's Bay, Steppes, Ensk and Live Oaks.

Update 8.4 will also feature a tutorial mode on combat, crew skills and more for new and inexperienced players.

World of Tanks is available for Windows PC. Update 8.4 released in Europe today, and will be available in Korea as well on March 20. Read our interview with Wargaming's head of eSports here.