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Hawken gets new Raider mech and updates to balance and maps

Hawken gets new mech and update

The Raider mech is now available in the Hawken Mech Shop, along with a slew of updates to the free-to-play multiplayer mech combat game.

The new Raider mech lets players "close pesky gaps quickly" by allowing them to use speed boosts while also firing their weapons at the same time. It also comes with a ReFLAK-35 as a primary weapon, a T32-BOLT as an alternate primary weapon, a Corsair-KLA as a secondary weapon and an EOC Repeater as a prestige weapon. Its main ability is Blitz and its starting item is the EMP. A more detailed description of the Raider mech's weapon specs can be viewed here.

The Raider update, which is also available now, adds the work-in-progress Facility map, reintroduces the server browser and includes balance tweaks to weapons, items, abilities and gameplay. The Raider update patch notes can be read here.

Hawken is free-to-play and available for Windows PC.

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