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The Secret World selects 11 fan-made tracks for in-game inclusion

Eleven fan-made music tracks have been selected for inclusion in The Secret World from applicants of developer Funcom's fan arrangement contest, the company announced yesterday.

According to a post on the game's forums from senior community manager Oliver "Tarib" Kunz, Funcom received more than 300 submissions from aspiring composers worldwide. Kunz noted that while the contest, announced in January, had initially promised to select five winners, the development team "could not for the life of [us]" pick less than 11:

  • "When Scouts Go Bad" by Thumpermonkey
  • "Deeper" by Sebastian G.
  • "Motivation Cody" by Noise Angel
  • "Think of Tomorrow" by Leitbur
  • "I'll Be the Death of You" by Bright September
  • "Save Me" by Fain
  • "The Ice Cream Fox" by Sugar Monkey
  • "Bad Boy" Les Moustaches
  • "The Zombie Stare" by Clyde "Nef" Shorey & Amy "Ameliah" Sweet
  • "Chasing Ghosts" by Quadraphonic Sound Project
  • "Fire Inside, The Queen and Thousands Thoughts Deep" by Gry Rudshagen (Achy)

These tracks will be added to The Secret World with its Issue #7 update. Players can hear these tunes over radios and in various in-game establishments, including the new Crusades nightclub in London, The Raven's Knock and Susie's Diner in Kingsmouth and PC Bang in Seoul.

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