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Deadpool: The Game's latest trailer is packed with gratuitous explosions and adult humor

The latest trailer for High Moon Studios' Deadpool: The Game, courtesy of IGN, shows a title packed with plenty of raunchy, juvenile jokes with just enough explosive action to balance it all out.

Narrated by the Merc with the Mouth himself, the video posted above shows some of the first in-game clips from High Moon's title. After Deadpool introduces the trailer, the scene switches to shots of crumbling ruins and a mysterious woman bathed in light. From a distance she somewhat resembles Death, a character already confirmed for the title who will reportedly send Deadpool on missions, or Domino, a sharp-shooting member of the X-Men that will also appear in the game. The trailer also introduces Cable, Deadpool's once-partner and X-Men member, and features several gratuitous shots of the game's star grappling with enemies.

Deadpool: The Game was announced last July at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. The title is being written by current Deadpool series author and veteran Marvel writer Daniel Way.