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Garry’s Mod has pulled in almost $22M over seven years

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Since its release in 2006, Facepunch Studios' physics sandbox game Garry's Mod has made "about $22 million dollars," creator Garry Newman wrote on his blog.

Despite the game's total profits, however, the creators are only entitled to "less than half."

"The tax man gets a bunch of [the $22 million]," Newman wrote. "Then when we take money out of the company, the tax man gets a bunch of that too."

Newman wrote that the team hopes to release a Linux version of Garry's Mod soon. In November 2012, Garry's Mod received Kinect support for Windows PC users, though Newman remained adamant that the mod would not come to Xbox 360. Garry's Mod is available for $9.99 on Windows PC and Mac through Steam.

Facepunch Studios is currently working on a new PC game that Newman has "wanted to start work on for ages," though he declined to give details.

"I don't really want to talk about it until we've got something more solid though," Newman wrote.

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