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Bungie still seeking alpha and beta testers for Destiny

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The creators of Halo are still accepting applications for alpha and beta testers for their next game, Destiny, looking for interested players to help "shape our glorious future."

Bungie sounded the call for testers back in late 2010, long before the Bellevue, Wash. studio had officially unveiled Destiny. A tweet from Bungie senior UI designer David Candland today served as a reminder for interested applicants, warning them not to seek out beta testing invites from third parties.

According to Bungie's website, "hundreds of thousands of gamers from all regions and territories around the world will be needed before all is said and done." During our recent visit to Bungie, the developer showed a video of community members playing Destiny in a multiplayer environment, indicating playtesting was already underway with select non-Bungie employees.

Bungie and publisher Activision revealed Destiny at an event in February, touting the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game as a "shared world shooter." At Sony's PlayStation Meeting, Bungie also confirmed Destiny would come to PlayStation 4.

Destiny does not currently have an official release date.