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To The Moon developer announces spiritual successor A Bird Story

To The Moon developer Freebird Games has announced the spiritual successor to the emotional indie RPG, with a new in-development title A Bird Story.

The title will take place within the To The Moon universe; however, A Bird Story falls chronologically before the events of the earlier indie release.

The game will focus on the boyhood of a patient of Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene seen in Episode 2 of To The Moon. The new project will tell the story of the boy and a bird with a broken wing. While it is narrative driven, there will be "little-to-no" dialogue throughout.

To The Moon creator Kan Gao thanked his supporters following the announcement, stating he is aware of certain fan expectations surrounding the upcoming title.

"I know that for some who have played To the Moon, there might be certain expectations as to how the 'next game' should be," he wrote, "and to be honest, I don't really know how it'll be in that regard - meeting certain quota or matching aspects of another game aren't really things that I want to make them around.

"However, what I can promise is that I'll always be making what truly means something to me and hopefully, to you too. I hope everyone could take them as they come, and enjoy them for their own merits.

"Thanks for your kind support and spreading the word, folks; I wouldn't be able to do this without you all. I'm grateful for it."

This reveal was teased yesterday on the official Freebird Games Facebook page with a tongue-in-cheek teaser image for "To The Moon 2."

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