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Zynga and Eat Sleep Play launch endless runner Running With Friends on iOS

Running With Friends, Zynga's first endless running mobile game, launches on iOS today.

It is also the first mobile game developed by Eat Sleep Play, the studio co-founded by David Jaffe and Scott Campbell that made last year's Twisted Metal on PlayStation 3. Jaffe left the company shortly after the game's launch last February, at which point the studio transitioned to developing on iOS.

Running With Friends takes place amid the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, with the player being chased by angry bulls through the streets of the city. Zynga believes the game sets itself apart from other endless runners because it's a social experience as opposed to a primarily solitary one.

"Most of the other experiences we saw were lonely," said Justin Cooper, the game's director at Zynga, in an interview with GamesBeat. "This is a lot more competitive than a standard With Friends game." Cooper also said Zynga suggested that the developers at Eat Sleep Play tone down their instincts to make the game more gory; instead, Zynga designed the game to be cute and inoffensive to suit its "purple" — male and female — audience.

Running With Friends is free to play and is already available in the iTunes App Store in territories such as Canada.

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