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Project Awakened falls short of its $500K Kickstarter goal

Project Awakened, the open-world action game from Chicago-based dev Phosphor Games, did not meet its $500,000 Kickstarter goal during its 30-day campaign on the popular crowdfunding site.

During the campaign, which ran Feb. 4 through March 6, the ambitious title only raised $338,498, a little over two-thirds of its target, despite receiving a significant amount of media attention and announcing its partnership with Journey composer Austin Wintory in its final days.

The game, which would be developed in Unreal Engine 4 and allow players to customize characters, powers and environments with a suite of open-ended modding tools, may not be dead in the water. In a recent Joystiq interview, game director Chip Sineni said Phosphor would "keep making the game very slowly in our spare time, if nothing else comes up for funding elsewhere — we will keep looking."

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