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Riot Games developer teams with other devs to make parody roguelike about navigating game conferences

The game about game conferences

Riot Games developer Joel Gonzales has teamed up with four other developers to create an ASCII-style roguelike that parodies game conferences like GDC and PAX East.

Game Conference Game, developed by LowPolyCount, tasks players with schmoozing their way into the game industry. "All your life, you've wanted to be in the game industry. Now your time has come!" the game's title screen reads. "You've bought a plane ticket to San Francisco to attend ... THE GAME CONFERENCE (for two days!). Your objective: Get a job in the game industry by telling everyone about your Cool Game Idea."

Players navigate the abstract-looking conference floor to bump into developers to steal ideas, meet recruiters to give them said ideas (in exchange for a potential job) and avoid angry conference associates.

"We wanted to help aspiring developers begin their training in the fine arts of schmoozing, partying and hiding from unwanted conversations," Gonzales told IndieGames.

The Game Conference Game is playable here.

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