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Take-Two has 'every intention' of bringing its new core games to smartphones and tablets

Take-Two Interactive plans to continue bringing its "core gaming franchises to smartphones and tablets," COO Karl Slatoff said at the Wedbush Transformational Technologies Management Access Conference.

The publisher's mobile strategy began by bringing existing games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to iOS. That content is compelling, sells well and is inexpensive to develop, which creates high profit margins, Slatoff said.

"As long as technology continues to evolve, we fully intend to bring our most most highly immersive new products to smartphones and tablets, assuming the platform can handle it," he said.

Slatoff doesn't believe that the emerging smartphone and tablet markets are cannibalizing Take-Two's core games or franchises at this point. Rather, the company is investing in the market with the expectation that it will continue to expand the video game market.

In the meantime, Slatoff said that the mobile and smartphone ecosystems will allow Take-Two's developers to integrate mobile and console games through "companion apps" that are related to or integrated with console games.

During the presentation, Slatoff gave overviews of the Take-Two portfolio, talking about everything from Grand Theft Auto 5 to BioShock Infinite to NBA 2K13 to new games developed for mobile.

The Wedbush Securities Transformational Technologies Management Access Conference is being held now in New York City. The conference places Wedbush's clients with companies worldwide for meetings and corporate presentations. Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter is a research analyst at Wedbush Securities.