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Death, Inc. falls short of Kickstarter goal, developers say it's not the end

Death, Inc., the proposed strategy game from Ambient Studios about spreading the bubonic plague, fell short of its crowdfunding goal, according to the game's Kickstarter page.

When the campaign ended, it had received £122,711 of its £300,000 goal from 3,874 backers.

A final update posted on the Kickstarter blog, written hours before the campaign ended, thanks "friends, backers, supporters and well-wishers" who watched over the last month as Ambient Studios released a demo, set up on Steam Greenlight and unveiled iPad and multiplayer prototypes.

If you want to follow the future of the studio and Death, Inc., you can keep up with Ambient on its Facebook page, Twitter account and website. There's even an email address posted on the blog, where anyone can write in.

"We'd love to hear from you and take the next steps of our journey together," the post reads.

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