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Insurgency 2 open for pre-beta Early Access

New World Interactive's Insurgency 2, the sequel to the free-to-play Source mod Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, is going through pre-beta testing with Early Access keys available to purchase for $19.99.

Early Access keys give buyers the Early Access build, with the opportunity to play with the developers, the upcoming Beta and the full game when it is released later this year for Windows PC and Mac. It will release on Linux on a later date.

Presently, Insurgency 2 includes three characters classes, the light-footed Skirmisher, the all-round Grunt and the heavily armored Tank. The game promises 32-player online multiplayer, an upgrade mechanic for weapons and 3D VOIP support. Modes currently featured are Occupy, Firefight, Elimination and upcoming Hunt.

The three maps are designed to play with all four game modes and offer differing gameplay experiences. The streets of Iraq-inspired Siege is a small map designed for fast-paced gameplay. Heights is a large map set in the mountains of Afghanistan and provides open combat. Ministry is a medium sized map set in the former Iraqi government buildings and allows for close-quarter vertical combat.

New World Interactive released its first full update on March 5 outlining bug fixes and balance changes. It encourages players playing the Early Access beta to submit feedback, which it is taking on to "address the design direction of the game."

The Denver-based developer launched a Kickstarter campaign last year in attempt to raise $180,000 to fund Insurgency 2's development. The campaign fell short and reached only $66,582 of its goal with 569 backers.

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