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Total War: Rome 2 to have Parthia as a playable faction

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Parthia, the ancient confederation of tribes, will be a playable faction in upcoming real-time strategy title Total War: Rome 2.

Parthia is an Eastern faction in the region of north-eastern Iran. Their strengths lay in equine disciplines-based combat such horse-archers and armored cavalry who don iron or bronze chain-mail, equipping both horse and rider.

Trained and equipped in the Seleucid way, the infantry comprises of spear and skirmisher units, a smattering of mercenaries and Persian/Iranian hillmen. Their optimal battle conditions are open ground due to their equine disciplines and marksmanship.

Parthia culture is at ease with foreign cultures, a trait that helps conquering new lands, but their stand against slavery "is detrimental to both the economy and to public order." Other Total War: Rome 2 factions announced include Carthage, Suebi, Rome, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni and Rome.

Total War: Rome 2 will be released for PC in October 2013.

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