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Sandbox Games reveals 'first true cross-platform MMO' Albion Online

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Sandbox Games revealed its free-to-play massively multiplayer online game, Albion Online, the "first true cross-platform MMO."

The Berlin-based development company says Albion Online will feature cross platform play across Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

With zero character classes, the game will feature a unique take on character customization. Players will be free to create whatever character they want without barriers: "Want to be a magician in a robe, in combination with sword and shield? No problem in Albion Online!"

In-game items — including buildings — will be user generated. These in-game items will be available to purchase from the player who created them via the game. Sandbox Games states that it will act as a "central bank, offering and exchanging currencies."

The game will feature territory-based PvP. Over 800 territories can be claimed and conquered by player guilds. Owning a territory will give those players access to more resources and silver.

Although each territory will be protected from raiders stealing resources and destroying buildings, starting wars between regions will be possible. Buildings of the losing side will then become property of the victors.

Sandbox Games is inviting gamers to like the Albion Online Facebook page in order to find out more about the upcoming Beta.

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