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Cave Story creator's Gero Blaster announced at BitSummit

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Today at independent developer conference BitSummit in Japan, Cave Story creator Daisuke Amaya revealed a 2D iPhone action/platformer called Gero Blaster.

Starring a gun toting frog — "gero" being the sound a frog makes in Japanese — the game resembles side-scrolling shooters like Metal Slug and Contra; or more specifically Super Time Force, given the shared pixel art style. The plot sees main character Kaeru hunting for his kidnapped girlfriend on an "unknown planet."

According to a product page handed out at the event, Amaya is planning to release the game in May 2013 (though we don't know at the moment if that means for a U.S. or Japan-only release) and is currently looking into other platforms beyond iPhone. Another Amaya game, Ikachan, recently released on 3DS 10 years after its initial shareware PC version.

Polygon will have more from BitSummit soon.