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GDC 2013 Game Design Challenge will be the last one

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The annual Game Design Challenge has become a highlight of the Game Developers Conference, and it's going out with a bang this year: GDC 2013's Game Design Challenge will be the last one, and it will take a special format.

This year's Game Design Challenge will feature a number of winners of previous contests: Jenova Chen (thatgamecompany), Richard Lemarchand (ex-Naughty Dog), Steve Meretzky (ex-Infocom), Erin Robinson (Puzzle Bots), Jason Rohrer (Passage), Harvey Smith (Arkane Studios), Will Wright (ex-Maxis) and Eric Zimmerman (NYU Game Center). They'll all be competing against each other to design "the last game that humanity will ever play," according to the event's organizers. Each contestant will present their work, and the audience will vote to choose the winner.

Each year, the Game Design Challenge asks developers to create a game concept in a brief period of time, with the concept being based on an unconventional or strange theme. Last year, Rohrer presented a card game about inflation, in which the cards were dollar bills that could be ripped into pieces strategically.

The 2013 Game Developers Conference will run from March 25-29 in San Francisco.

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