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Deep Sea creator Robin Arnott launches Kickstarter for new game SoundSelf

Robin Arnott, the creator of the gas mask-powered horror game Deep Sea and composer of Antichamber, has launched a Kickstarter drive to raise funds for his new project, a similarly audio-focused game titled SoundSelf.

SoundSelf is a "euphoric exploration game" that both creates a virtual world around and harmonizes with players as they chant a sustained melody. The tunnels and shapes generated by the player's auditory input is different during each one-hour play session, and additional players can join in the chanting to change how the game responds.

"There is no right way to play SoundSelf: Play with different sounds and the game will dance with you, or sustain long tones and SoundSelf will take you deep into your own sonic universe," the Kickstarter description reads. "Play alone, or share the experience with friends — no two players will have the same journey, and no one player will experience what many will together."

Arnott, along with programmer Evan Balster and artistic director Topher Sipes, is seeking $29,060 to fund development of the game. You can check out where that money will go, as well as a brief video demonstration of the title, on the SoundSelf Kickstarter page. The game is slated to launch on Windows PC, Mac and Linux in 2014.

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