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Team Meat 'not really' interested in developing for consoles

Team Meat, the developers of the exacting platformer Super Meat Boy and the upcoming Mew-Genics, is "not really" interested in upcoming console or Wii U development because of the "headache" they associate with it, according to an interview with Eurogamer.

"When you look at the stress that comes with Steam and iOS and the Google Play store, you look at those and you look at which hoops you'd have to jump through to get on any one of the consoles, it's like, 'Is this worth the time? Is this worth the headache?'," Team Meat's Tommy Refenes told Eurogamer.

Refenes also believes that the low cost of PC development and low barrier to entry when publishing on Steam has already begun to marginalize consoles' importance. The console market is "not the only outlet anymore, and those seem to be the more difficult outlets than just contacting Steam and just putting your game on there and supporting it easily," he said.

"It's sad. I like the consoles. And I prefer playing something in my living room. But I'm also not in that range of consumer that actually sort of dictates trends at this point."

Last month at the PlayStation Meeting in which Sony revealed the PlayStation 4, the indie developer of Braid, Jonathan Blow, took to the stage and announced that his next game, The Witness, will be a timed exclusive on the console. Blow later explained that Sony won him over with the console's technical specs and the company's"it's about games" approach to the next-gen console.

The other half of Team Meat, Edmund McMillen, announced the impending release of a collection that bundles his early games and Indie Game the Movie. The Basement Collection + Indie Game: The Movie Retail is available today at Merge Games for $17.99, a $2 discount off its regular price of $19.99.