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How Will Wright came to like the new SimCity's smaller footprint

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Will Wright, designer of the original SimCity, enjoys the geographic constraints and tighter focus in the new SimCity despite some initial apprehension, according to an interview with NowGamer.

"I like it a lot," Wright told NowGamer. "It's interesting, in some sense it reminds me of the post-economic crash. It's not about making your city big, it's about making them not poor."

The just-released SimCity limits a city's geographic footprint to smaller areas than previous games. Wright said the smaller scale initially felt "a little claustrophobic," but he eventually came around to the changes.

"So by kind of focusing it in, it feels more personal, and so I really do want to zoom down and get a sense of what it feels like on the street," he said. "I think the visuals are just amazing, I love the tilt-shift focal lens."

For more on Wright's take, you can watch a video interview between Wright and SimCity lead designer Stone Librande released late last month.

SimCity was released earlier this week, and the game has been plagued worldwide by connectivity problems. In an effort to handle mange demand, developer Maxis disabled some of the game's basic features.

This morning, Polygon obtained and published parts of an internal memo from Maxis that outlined the developer's efforts to stabilize the game.

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