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PS4 8 GB memory a 'joy,' says Dishonored lead level designer

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The 8 GB of memory included in Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 console is "a joy" for Dishonored level designer Christophe Carrier, the developer told Eurogamer.

Carrier said that more memory means developers can include more content in their games, allowing them to keep assets that would normally have to be cut to save space. Carrier said that when building Arkane Studios' games, memory has been the most important thing to consider.

"As a level designer we are struggling against memory every day," he said. "We cut things, we remove things, we strip things, we split the levels, we remove NPCs from levels because there's not enough memory.

"So knowing that memory is something that is going to be improved in the next generation of consoles: to us, it's a joy. It's something that we were waiting for," he added.

Arkane associate producer Dinga Bakaba added that the team was "pretty impressed" by Sony's announced PlayStation 4 social features, which include cloud and social services powered by Gaikai.

"We are looking forward at how we can integrate all those things into our [next] game," he said.

Sony announced the PlayStation 4 last month at an event held in New York City. Check out Polygon's complete coverage of the event here.

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