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Phosphor games will raise money directly for Project Awakened if there's enough demand

Project Awakened might take to PayPal

Phosphor Games fell short of its $500,000 Kickstarter goal for Project Awakened yesterday, but the studio plans to push on and look into the possibility of running a fundraiser on its own site.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, the studio said it wants to put the power into the peoples' hands to have them determine whether or not Phosphor Games should keep trying to fund Project Awakened.

"Let's let them have power now," the studio said. "We're going to do a survey on our website and ask people: you've all said that you want us to keep going — but we can only get a minimum amount of money to do that, or we feel that we're taking people's money and can't fulfill on a decent promise.

"So we're going to trust you to be honest with us. If you say you want us to continue with fundraising ... how much you're willing to pledge? Are you willing to come over with the same amount you pledged at Kickstarter? If all those people come over, then we'll keep going."

Phosphor games told Eurogamer that it will conduct the survey for a week. If enough people express their support, the studio will run a six week campaign on its website where it will accept PayPal and credit card donations.

"Based on how much [we've] raised, we'll figure out how much we can do over the next year, year and a half."

Eurogamer's complete interview with Phosphor Games can be read here.

Project Awakened is an open-world superhero action game for Windows PC. Phosphor Games raised $338,498 on Kickstarter from 6,287 backers, but the campaign fell through when it failed to reach its $500,000 goal.

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